genipe.task package

Module contents


genipe.task.launcher module

genipe.task.launcher.launch_tasks(to_process, nb_threads, check_rc=True, hpc=False, hpc_options=None, out_dir=None, preamble='')[source]

Executes commands.

  • to_process (list) – a list of tasks to process
  • nb_threads (int) – the number of processes that is required
  • check_rc (bool) – whether or not to check the return code of the task
  • hpc (bool) – whether or not to execute the tasks on a cluster (DRMAA)
  • hpc_options (dict) – the DRMAA options
  • out_dir (str) – the output directory
  • preamble (str) – the script preamble (for DRMAA)